Preparing for September

Late August until Herbst is when I begin harvesting wild plants, or domestic ones that I’ve grown in my own garden.

This year it’s been devastating to my garden. Damned near everything died due to the severe drought, and especially the fucked up water cut-offs. We’ll have to see at the end of September (when I finish all the gathering) what made it, and what didn’t.

Until then, I turn my attention to the wild plants that are edible. Such as wild lettuce, wild onions, wild herbs, etc. I’ve slowly started with wild lettuce, and in my walks.. There is this pervasive plant every fucking where… But no one knows what the shit it is. “That thar’s a weed,’ said my neighbor.

Thanks Bob.

So here’s a photo, it grows about 3 feet tall, it’s leaves are about 3/16 inches thick or thinner. It’s got a smooth stalk, but tiny hairs on the upper part of the leaves. It has a slight woody smell to it. The branches off the stalk/stem are whorled.

What the fuck is this?!?! I’ve spent 6 hours trying to Google search this, and.. Not a damned thing. UGH!!

What IS this? It’s everywhere! But, no one, not even Google, knows what it is. Oh, and the hand is the Hubs’, of which is just as baffled as me. I have no idea what it could be, no image is even close – Goosefoot came close, but no cigar.

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7 thoughts on “Preparing for September

  1. Alchemille

    This looks like an artemisia.
    We have something similar in CA: silvery plant with thin, soft needles and very aromatic once touched. Once somebody said it was cowboy’s perfume/deodorant. I haven’t fully identified it but I call it silver sagebrush. I think I made a smudge bundle out of it once but what I’d really like to do is an infused oil. I bet it has relaxing and antibacterial properties, maybe it is warming and gets energy/circulation moving like mugwort?!
    Those were my 2 cents…Wild tarragon comes to mind too after zooming on the picture.

  2. I agree, I think it’s wormwood or some other artemisia.

    • Thank you for that, I really didn’t think we had the climate for it, I mean… We’re not just dry, we’re DRY. We didn’t have this last year, but this time we’re surrounded by it.

      Both of you were dead-on; it’s wormwood, after drying that piece and lighting the tips of the leaves the scent rang true. It isn’t like any wormwood I’ve seen, but hey, live and learn.

      Thank you again for the lead – I didn’t know what it was because well, the wormwood I’m used to seeing didn’t look like this, maybe due to the proximity to the highway, it like many other plants just drifted in. And now it’s taken over my yard. And my neighbor’s yard. And the highway ditches.

      • Well, there are a ton of artemisia varieties, and they are all a little different….

        But if it’s taking over everything, it’s just like the others! 🙂

      • LOL. Thanks to you both I will be able to add Wormwood Rauchstocks to my store too!

  3. Looks like the mugwort we have here (which is also an artemisia).


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