7 thoughts on “Syncretism”

  1. I don’t know why syncretism is such a dirty word. We do not know what events led up to what we undertsand of the various pantheons. Chances are, they are products of many hundreds of years of syncretism by their ancestors. We simply don’t have the records to trace it. Any superficial study of human history & evolution shows that people get around & few live in isolation for long periods of time. It is silly to think that our ancestors were somehow “pure,” living in a vacuum, uninfluenced by neighbors & strangers.

    As for the webbing, I have that same general conception, or sometimes I think of it more like a soup or primordial sea, a rhythmic chaos if you will.

  2. W0rd. W0rd a LOT. I am actually writing an article about this because I’m multi-racial, and I spent a fair portion of my time being told by other people who I should worship and what I should be into because “your people do that, right?” But “my people” differed depending on the person who told me this stuff – the white people saw my black features, the black people saw my white features, and the Native Americans gave me a doubletake then shrugged. Who am I supposed to worship, then, since I’m not 100% anything?

    I made my peace with my West African heritage (and that was hard work!) once Oya made an appearance, and now I’m having to do the same with the Norse aspects as I work with Thor. But I’ve had a few heathen folk faint in coils when I even show my face in their circles. I have found myself having to give my entire lineage background to even try and explain why I’m there at all even though I don’t have white skin and flowy blond hair…but there we are. Vikings and Moors traded together – the Viking glass beads are found everywhere FFS. Do we really think people went NOWHERE back then? They found ways!

    At the end of the day, the Powers That Be tend to choose you, and that’s all there is to it. If anyone wants to argue why my so-not-pureblood face is at a rite, they can ask my gods.

    1. Very well said! I’m multi-racial but you wouldn’t know it looking at me at a glance. I’ve got Haitian, and Seminole pretty close (Great Grandmothers) to my place in the family tree. My brother looks like Obama, my oldest like a Native American, and my other brother is blonde and blue eyed. Somehow, I got red hair. Joy.

      I would love to read your article, let me know when you’re done! And I completely agree – Arta picked my ass out of a crowd for reasons She only knows. If another person joined in with me during my rites skin color wouldn’t even factor in as ‘prerequisite,’ for joining. So come on down, you’re the next contestant on the price is right!

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