This is strictly how I, myself, work with Arta:

Arta is a Mother of many things, people, or ideas. She is a trapper, hunter, and a wood-woman that has no equal. Also, She is a trader, metalworker, blacksmith, tracker, doctor/healer, crafts-woman, explorer, guide, mystic, and practitioner of the Old Arts.

This is stemming from other people asking me ‘How could I get to know Arta in an American context? Stores? Websites? Anything?’

Yes. Try the fur traders, and mountain folk. Can’t get more ursine than the mountains, pioneer, and the historic fur trade.

Note: This is just how I view Her as an American. You can chuck it or take it.

Hub’s own haiku:

Wilderness Mother.

Walks the earth as a cave-bear.

Listen to Her words.

Progenitor in,

The ways of forming metal.

A tool for trapping.

UPDATE: I add this because while I view the historical points made in the fur trade as viable through their skills, songs, poetry, and exploration; I do amend them for my own practice. I don’t think they’re heroes. Killing animals for sport or profit seems… Wrong to me. Really wrong.

But for an American context to start from, that is what I’m getting at here. Re-learning the old skills for our modern culture I think is extremely beneficial, and insightful. Working with Arta in this context is one key I use frequently to understand this Celto-Germanic Goddess from an American’s viewpoint.

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