The Dogs in Paganism

7 thoughts on “The Dogs in Paganism”

  1. While I personally love cats, and actually identify with felines quite a bit spiritually (though not to the point of being otherkin or anything), I also have a spirit who is tied to canines and therefore have interest in them as well – though mostly from a spirit-work perspective and less as pets. Dogs in the pack of the Wild Hunt, the Black Dogs of folklore, these are powerful entities that deserve attention!

    If you don’t read his work already, check out PSVL at Aedicula Antinoi, who is rather interested and well-versed in the subject and is working on a devotional for cynocephalic deities. Also: Dimension Bomb, and A Wolf Man, Not A Man In Wolf’s Clothing. These can all be found on the blogroll of my own blog.

    1. On my way to check them out now. Thanks for that!

      I don’t hate cats, I’m just a dog person. Can’t help it really. I do a lot of work with dog spirits, and I just wanted to post because most of the pages I’ve seen with Paganism on it had cats – I felt someone should mention something.

  2. What an interesting video! The “looking to the left” thing was really interesting. I wonder what their pool was like? I mean for example, we read words left to right. Did their research include watching reactions from people in cultures where they read right to left? Would the dogs mimic this as well? Hmmm.

    I’m pretty much a die-hard cat person. 🙂 Although I enjoy dogs, too! Religiously I don’t have much involvement with them, except me trying to figure out this Anubis thing I have/had going on, although that’s more jackals.

    1. Well, you’re not alone! I’ve been wrestling with a visiting Bast, and working with Lupa as well. Complicated much?

      I’m glad you liked the video, I was hooked after five minutes, and it was so intriguing I had to share!

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