Arta’s book will be rehashed, and redone and hopefully be done by November. There’s so much change that’s happened since I’ve started, and there’s even more I want to add, expand on, or just edit to reflect the ‘settling,’ into my own little tradition of Arctolatry.

I’ve learned to work with new tools that set my practice well, and I’d like to add that into the book. New little traditions, recipes, and if I can write one single piece of fucking notes, sheet music. I would like to add more pictures, art, and the like. We’ll just have to see how the publisher feels about this in the long run.

My book is by no means the end all-catch-all; hardly. It is just the practices that I do myself, and you’re always welcome to chuck it, or think about it. Thus with this if you have read my book, I’d love to know your thoughts, and points to make it more coherent, better, and well – more readable. I am a metalworker who sucks with English, so any help is awesome help.

It is not, I don’t think, going to be any longer. That was never the point of the entire book in the first place. It is a glimpse, a starting point from where I started from and in my own understanding. It is not however a silver platter with all the world’s answers on it (I think those books that do pander to that miss the point, but hey, that’s just my opinion), nor is it the ‘one authentic way,’ which I think the idea itself is bullshit. Again, I’m an asshole, and this is my opinion.

And while I literally have irons in the fire, I also have ‘irons in the fire.’ I am starting on another Pagan children’s book to illustrate, and if you’d like the info on those books let me know.

I think it’s funny, how you write what you know, and what you do – and look at it further on in your learning. It’s like talking to a stranger almost in some parts of the book. Others, it’s akin to talking to yesterday’s person. It’s hard to explain in words.

My work has evolved, and changed as a living tradition is apt to do. I think it’s awesome, but for my book I would like to change some things, add some, edit some, and others just rethink with the new-found knowledge I’ve gleaned.

I’m working on it on my own, but whether the manuscript will be accepted is another issue. I’ll find out though, one way or another.

UPDATED: After some very interesting conversations with co-workers today, a very important point was made about my book – it’s where I started, began, and why can’t others do the same? If I were to edit and rehash every time I evolve and learn… I’d never complete the damn book. It would be an eternal ‘work in progress.’ My book would be no better than computers, which are outdated every two-three weeks. How useful would that be in the long run?

So, I halted the entire process. It’s where I started, and it’s a viable and powerful approach from one Arctolator’s footsteps. To see where the hell I am now you’ll just have to keep checking back. I’m human, and to err is human, but to re-hash every few weeks is assenine. And, I’m trying to be less of an asshole.

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4 thoughts on “UPDATED: My Book

  1. Babs

    Yay! I hope your re-hashings go well for your book. I am excited to see the drawings for my new book. I am nearly jumping out of my body in excitement.

  2. Well here’s my luck! I just ordered your book, haven’t received it yet and it’s already outdated…Would you consider just writing a “part 2”? 😉

    • LOL! Well, I thought about this intensely today, and after some conversations with open-minded co-workers, I’ve decided to halt the process altogether.

      I started there – it’s where I began stumbling until I got my footing. And while it may be my past, it’s still viable and… If you want to know where I am now, well – you’re just gonna have to read the blog aren’t you? 😉

      • Babs

        Well I cant understand how you are feeling realizing that your book might be a challenge. I know you have all lot to think about.

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