Labels and Unusual Tools

So, after an intriguing conversation (one of many with Mr. County) from some time ago, I have finally just said ‘FUCK IT,’ to labels. Like they’d do any damned good anyway. I am Anne Welch, nuff’ said.

I went browsing Google images, and I admire the differences in practice and tools. I think it’s this creativity and ingenuity that makes the Pagan truly ‘Crafty.’

My tools have changed overtime, as I’ve settled and grown into my Arctolatry.

They’re about 6 inches wide, and weigh 1.67 lbs! They’re not done yet with polishing, soon I hope.

There are tools that I’ll always be partial to, and always will be; I think they’re awesome, poetic, and artistic. But, they won’t work for my practice, and never will – like the crystal ball. Bad-ass, but in my hands it’ll be glass powder in seconds, sadly. I am rough with tools. In fact, from my jewelry to skin bottles, clothing, and ritual items – they better have a life-time warranty on them, I’m rough with them and there’s no ending that any time soon.

With that, I’m working on polishing steel mirrors for scrying. They’re recycled from rubbish piles, and are working out beautifully. I initially made one to see how well they would work (because if they’re bunk why make more??), and I was stunned at their clarity into the Other-Worlds. Just, stunned. So, I found four more and will be polishing them to a semi-shine. These mirrors aren’t intended to do your make-up in or anything like that, but I know you guys know that – I’m just saying for those who don’t, is all. Putting it out there. They will be polished to a damn good shine, but rough due to the mild steel. They work fabulously though.

I can still admire tools. The altars that speak so much without a word spoken, those hushed images illuminated by firelight. It’s awesome.

This is the sign of my smithing, sadly Etsy is being an ass and not letting the whole image be seen. So, I post it here out of spite.

And speaking of tools, I’m debating on two knives – the stainless steel one with elk hide (it’s pretty gnarled and rough leather, which drew me initially) or the carbon steel knife. I don’t know yet – they’re both speaking to me, and, well, it’s hard being a smithy sometimes. It’s like picking between children it seems.

I need a knife, for my work and my ritual combined (I don’t have two seperate knives for cutting and ritual – they are one and the same for me) and… I can’t pick which one. I guess I’ll leave it at that until one speaks and the other doesn’t? The copper knife stays, but I need a steel one. DAMMIT it all!

Or, throw the bones. Yes, I think I’ll do that instead!



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2 thoughts on “Labels and Unusual Tools

  1. Alchemille

    Looking forward to seeing your scrying mirrors on Etsy ;).

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