Meeting the Corn Spirit?

4 thoughts on “Meeting the Corn Spirit?”

  1. I’m a kiwi so I have no idea about your local mythology etc, but I remembered reading about the wolf being associated with corn by the Pawnee, ( no idea about American geography so I don’t know if it’s relevant) but sure enough according to wikipedia : “The Pawnee, being both an agricultural and hunting people, associated the wolf with both corn and the bison; the “birth” and “death” of the Wolf Star (Sirius) was to them a reflection of the wolf’s coming and going down the path of the Milky Way known as Wolf Road.[16]”.

    No idea if that is helpful or not, good luck on your musings!

  2. I have no idea who you met, but there’s definitely connections between wolves and grain. For instance, Veles, the Slavic wolf-headed god of magic, shepherds (because, they must fend off wolves), the underworld, etc., is also honored with the last sheaf of grain at the harvest.

    1. Well, then I don’t feel so nutsy about the encounter. I haven’t approached the field again yet – kinda would like to have my aces laid out before hand, ya know?

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