UPDATED: Red Moon – August Moon

6 thoughts on “UPDATED: Red Moon – August Moon”

  1. I’m not sure what you are, these label things still freak me the fuck out because they confuse me so much! But if it’s any consolation, I think whatever you are is awesome. Because it seems to me you are not trying to fit into anyone else’s preconceived mould. You just…. Are who you are. Which is so refreshing and it’s what makes your blog so readable.

    1. I appreciate that – and I’ve been thinking about ‘why do I need a label to begin with?’ It freaks me out too, which is probably why I’m mulling over it so much lately.

      Maybe I just need to pack a new pipe bowl, grab some rum, and just let the nit-picky definitions go. Not like they’d fit anyway right?

      1. In my limited experience, labels are for the comfort and information of people who are not you, since it’s a human thing to organise people in their mind. “so and so is in the army = military person and all the connotations that comes with that, so and so is a lecturer = an academic person and all the connotations that come with that”. It’s like a shorthand for interactions.

        The rum and pipe sound like an excellent idea. Although its 9 in the morning here, so I will raise my orange juice to you in toast :-p

  2. That’s the conclusion I’m starting to get to – but then I have thoughts that make the carousel go ’round again. UGH!

    And… With my rum glass – TING.

  3. Hi 🙂 I’ve just found your rather excellent blog yesterday, and figured I should say hello, so as you know who is reading you. I’m Karen. A few more of my labels – aussie, paganish, polytheistic-flavoured, animistic, mother of a special needs kid who is about to be ten and oh gods that makes me feel old, soon to be wife… None of which sum me up or explain me to you at all. So yes, labels. Mostly useless 🙂 Hope you’re having a stellar day!

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