To Etsy!

Wow. I got a shitload done today. Awesome, but… Now my arms are sore and I’m not sure if I can pick up the soap later.

These are the three leaf-knives left. They vary in length and width because, well, I ain’t a

The ones that are crossed are the ‘twins,’ of the hour of Jupiter. The single one is Venus. They vary from 7.5 inches to 7.75.

machine. They’re so fucking close I’m tickled pink, but it doesn’t detract from the variations. Working with stainless steel forces me to work with modern methods which are effective, but not what I cherish doing in the long run. I’m no fan of stainless steel – it’s a bitch to forge, and it’s a bitch to make it do… Anything. It’s possible, but DAMN.

I love the older methods – and sure, I need more practice as any smithy does who picks up their art after a long time of non-forging (the Army doesn’t need smithies sadly), but I get better and better each time. And unlike some of the dick smithies I’ve met along the way (makes me look like a saint) that I understand one fundamental thing about metalworking: There’s always something to learn. You never know ‘all‘ of it; and those who say they do are not someone I’d take advice from.

I struggled to take a decent picture of the steel knife for sale, but it’s too fucking

Forged by sheer willpower, hammer, and fire. Wrapped in elk hide. I wish I could have more talent in photography dammit!!

shiny, and I can’t render a good image. I can’t get a photo showing it’s a smooth, double edged knife, no matter how many pictures I take making attempt after attempt. I took 17 and finally said ‘FUCK!’ The flash is evil, it really is. It shows something but hides others, and a complete photo just hasn’t been possible yet. Plus my lack of understanding with light angles doesn’t help anything one bit.

I made my copper knife for Arta – it’s got a good edge on it, and being copper it’ll be used solely in devotional work to Her. It isn’t fancy, but it’ll get the job done.

There are still some other pieces that aren’t done yet, but dammit I’m tired. Pooped even. And, I’m damn near out of metal to work, so it’s off to scavenge for more. Maybe I’ll get my mitts on some brass, or silver – ooh, a silver dagger!

Rough, but sharp as hell, and with character to boot. The copper one is slim and sleek, but surprisingly it holds such a decent edge.

How poetic would that be??

These knives are being uploaded to Etsy as I type this (waiting for the photo upload to freakin’ finish…) and will be available for trade or purchase tonight!

I did it! Now, my elbows hurt and I need rum.


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4 thoughts on “To Etsy!

  1. Man, they look gorgeous! 🙂

    What is the link to your Etsy store, btw? I can’t seem to find it on your blog (although, I’ve been known to completely gloss over really obvious to find things)?

  2. They are up and available :).

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