Just taking a minute to cool off…

Don’t worry, I will post pictures of the metalwork later on, I’m just a tad cooked at the moment. I managed to make two knives so far, one of them is my copper ritual knife I will dedicate to Arta from recycled copper bar I found. I have a piece of the copper left that I’ll make a second knife out of, they’re small and slender, but still – I could probably make a solid gold one cheaper than a copper one these days!

And, I made a fifth little ‘leaf’ knife today. He’s the only one. He’s also the last of the recycled stainless steel. That’s it, I’ll post those too, all three – the twins of Jupiter, and the one and only knife of Venus.

I know it sounds silly to pay attention to the hours that the item was created in, but I guess that’s just something that I’ll always do, since I keep track without even realizing it. Why it’s so damned important to me – I couldn’t say. It just is. Perhaps it is because I’ve made so many Ceremonial tools for Magicians I know that it just kinda…. Stuck.

Well, I’m sorta cooled off, back at it then!


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