Food for thought and other things

So I sit here stunned as all get-out, because I got this kick-ass little cardboard box in the mail. Filled with pure awesome. To Dver, the skin will be given to Arta post haste, and it will be cherished for certain! In fact, the entire box of awesome will be cherished.

I love that necklace. I don’t even want to take it off the shimmering black beads either. I will be adding local stones to it in the process of charm making – but largely it’ll be like it is now. Just, damned cool. Everything in the box will be added to the altar tonight. It’s just… Humbling. Thank you Dver.

I know most of you know her, and her gorgeous work. To those who don’t:

To those asking about the Pagan seasonal cycles, I think it’s awesome that you do what you do. The pastoral and agricultural cycles look so damned cool in woodcuts, old photos, and art.There are so many chilling accounts of it, folklore, traditions, and more of it – how is that not bad-ass?

But, my own year just isn’t that way. I’m not fully independent yet, but every year I get closer, and closer. I am a stubborn one dammit – I’ll make it hell or high water! Coming from the culture here in North America, and even abroad – it’s hard to just switch or even transition over from the store-trips to – not making any store trips. It’s my goal, my aspiration. I’m not going to quit just because it’s hard. I’m. Too. Stubborn.

Every hunt I make is a ritual of itself, and with one preceding it for blessings or a ‘no,’ from Arta and the spirits. It’s also an emotional one – because yes, I saw Bambi as a kid – and it comes to mind when I shoot. So sue me. How can one honor and celebrate life without death? It befuddles me with some people. They want the love, happiness, and life – but no death, decay, or sorrow? How can that be balanced?

Random note – Dver, you have gorgeous handwriting.

To those asking, Dver’s knife and mine are ‘twins,’ as they were made on the same day, beginning and ending in the same planetary hours (still a hold-over from my learning from Frater Tim with his Lodge tradition from four years ago) of Mercury.

The other two, are Jupiter. Just, letting you know. Hence, my terming them the ‘twins.’ I am taking commissions in metalwork, and it doesn’t have to be knives either. I am working on some candle-sticks, fans, book hinges, and a bunch of other stuff. I’m making a mini-horseshoe necklace as well, made traditionally and only 1/3 the traditional size. Just ask! If I can swing it, I hope to have time to tap tiny horse-shoe nails for luck into the shoe.

I’m not a huge fan of just ‘selling,’ things – I don’t really know why clearly. Like I said earlier here too, I need to flesh this out. So, if you want to trade, let me know!

Other than that, it’s time for more rum. Admiral Nelson, you’re the best.

UPDATE – Hubs pointed out that I didn’t include a link to my own store – Deaf Bear Forge and Creations:


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4 thoughts on “Food for thought and other things

  1. dreema

    Saw Dver’s post on her blog and have purchased a copy of the book, as well as linked to a few other folk interested to hear what you have to say so woot.

    I do agree with you and have made a similar point in my own practice; I store a lot of meat from now till November, and while I’m not totally un-reliant upon shops, I do shop as locally as I can, eating with the seasons – will be venison and pheasant season soon!

    I appreciate your work, and thanks for the book as well. About to start giving it a read.


  2. So glad you enjoyed the box of treasures! And really looking forward to starting Work with my knife. (Will answer your emails soon, have been offline during our little heat wave.)

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