Let me clarify something – you can ask any practitioner whether conjurer, witch, shaman, magician, and many would agree: Going to a few classes, or a weekend workshop does not make you an expert. Neither does reading a few books or watching some YouTube videos. Any practitioner worth their salt will tell you that it takes sweat, blood, tears, trials and errors, and more to get to where they are.

However, taking a course on this – isn’t something to shirk at. I’ve seen several traditions that have a course – but it isn’t fast or easy. It’s supposed to take time to just learn the basics. The ones I respect aren’t ones done in a few weeks or months. It takes years. And to those – kudos. You’re growing into a tradition, gaining a skeleton to hold your tradition as it lives, I give props for not going into the ‘instant religion,’ genre that too many are going into.

I wish there were more of you – truly, I do.


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