Edited: Plastic Shamans and Mages/Sages

5 thoughts on “Edited: Plastic Shamans and Mages/Sages”

  1. I have met some now, that sell, market, or otherwise make their religion as a product. I’m still not entirely sure how to feel about this

    This is such a tricky subject. I think it’s a continuum and everyone has their own ideas about how far on that continuum is too far. If I write a book about my spiritual practice and I sell it, is that commodifying my spirituality? What if I take some of the bones that I work with on a very serious spirit-work level, and I sell them to someone who may or may not take them as seriously? What if I make jewelry out of them, inspired by my spirits, but don’t discuss the spiritual implications openly in the shop itself? These are all things I struggle with to some degree (though, less with writing than with crafting).

    On the one hand, ideally I’d like the recipients of my work to approach it with the same spiritual emphasis as I do – but to restrict selling it only to those who “qualify” would be difficult. (And what if someone casually purchases an object, but ends up being led by that object into a deeper understanding?) At the opposite end of the spectrum, however, there are those who brand their shops with their religion to the point where they seem to be selling shamanism, or devotion, which I don’t like. It’s hard to get a good balance.

    1. This is what I’m struggling with myself, if you have time in the future I’d love to chat with you about it if you’re willing. I’m trying to be open minded, but keep my sacred, well – sacred.

      I have the same concerns about my smithing – which is so intertwined in my spirit work that separating them would be impossible. I’m tossing and turning over this, and with no Pagans around to talk to, I’m left sitting by myself grumbling.

  2. But, why would I approach a Sage or Mage (depends on who you ask) for my own human concerns to a person that is so detached from humanity?

    That’s another tricky area. The shaman (or what-have-you) who serves a human community needs to be connected enough to humanity to understand their problems, but connected enough to the realm of the spiritual to have a greater-than-ordinary access to its insights and wisdom and power. They probably can’t be a “regular Joe” but neither can they be totally out there.

    Which is one of the many reasons I’m glad I’m *not* a shaman, and don’t serve a human community – in fact, my mandate is to go pretty damn far out there (while keeping a foot firmly in the material world, but not necessarily in the human world, if you see the difference). The only time I directly serve people is in my work as an oracle, and then I still don’t have to relate personally, because the information comes through me, not from me – I just have to be an open conduit.

    1. It is tricky, as well as a prickly issue. This is something that I myself, who serves the people around me in this town and the one next to it, has wrangled with. On the one hand, yes Mages and Sages have intense volumes of knowledge from the source – but the one’s I’ve talked to neither worked, struggled, had issues with love; they sought this… ‘Sinless,’ existence. Where they are flawless and without reproach. I just… Don’t see how they could help someone like my neighbor who’s going through legal trouble for an auto accident, or that person on the opposite side of town with love trouble, or my own sister having a child who’s sick. Maybe I’m missing something – it could very well be.

      I do serve people, when they ask, otherwise I just mind my own business.I am required to keep my footing here (and yes I do know what you mean about the material world but not necessarily the human one, I’m damn near there myself), with another firmly planted in the Other-worlds. Sometimes I too have to really go distances far, far off the beaten trail. But a balance is required, and I may not be anything of a wise-woman, but I am trying to learn, grow, and branch out so I CAN help people, if I’m able to at all.

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