UPDATED: Metalwork Commissions

I am taking metalwork commissions, of course I write this as a raging hail-ridden thunderstorm is overhead… But anyway.

I need dimensions and if you can make one (even in paint program) drawing. I’ve managed to make a folded claymore from a sharpie drawing – try me.

To those awaiting their knives – I’m so sorry. I couldn’t drive in these conditions – I’d like to forge again sometime.. I fully plan to ship tomorrow, the weather looks to be somewhat more favorable.

My store is not more diverse – because no one’s asking for anything. Hell, if I got an email for a trade for a mink skull (usually 7-10 dollars) I’d happily forge. Herbal teas? Sure. A scarf knitted from fluffy wool? Oh fuck yes. I’m actually pretty amiable for metalwork. Try me – I dare ya.

Gute Nacht.

UPDATE – You know, it’d sure help to give a contact email wouldn’t it? My email is bottledhammer@yahoo.com

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3 thoughts on “UPDATED: Metalwork Commissions

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  3. I am a handspinner and knitter and will definitely be contacting you at some point in the next few weeks or so to see if you’d be interested in a barter for a little knife. *grin*

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