Belated Post

7 thoughts on “Belated Post”

  1. I love it! I am so very excited to get this! It looks perfect.

    Also, that shell necklace is gorgeous (and I love the touch of the G string).

    1. I really hope you like it – I will be nervous until you receive it..

      I hope someone who is Hellenic can have this item and wear it with pride – I even paid attention to Aphrodite’s sacred number six, with the three graces always in attendance…

  2. That knife looks gorgeous! It’s the simplicity of the curves, I think, that really speak to me. You mentioned making other knives of a similar size or shape (at least, I think you did? I went hunting through your Flickr. :)). Do you still sell them, or have they all been snatched up?

    Also, that necklace is also gorgeous! The detail you put into it is really beautiful (especially the tipping of the shell!).

  3. Yep, in total I ended up making four knives – two identical, made at the same time, and thus are ‘twins.’ The other two were the day after, another set of ‘twins.’ Yeppers, they’re for sale or trade – I’ll post a picture soon of the other ‘twins.’ They’re damn near identical but still unique – because, well, I ain’t a machine 😉 . Well, truth be told I FEEL like one sometimes…

    1. Heh. Know what that feels like (although with less… metal working. :P). It would be awesome to see what the other twins look like! Also, how much do you usually charge for your knives? And, do you do international shipping at all (well, Canada is considered international by the US…)?

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