The Golden Bough

I know, how the hell is this book helpful to an Arctolator? I know with this work one needs to keep the grains of salt handy on many topics, but… It has lead me down some extremely insightful research roads.

Especially the book ‘Witches, Demons, and Fertility Magic,’ by Arne Runeberg. It has such golden pearls within it – yes, keep the salt handy.. But with a comb and a good interest as well as further book research, these works can reveal some extremely interesting wisdom.

Such as the ‘sleeping vegetation god,’ who is wedto/sister to/consort to/I guess it’s divinely complicated too/ associated with the sun, who in many cultures is feminine. This ‘sleeping god,’ sleeps in the underworld, and rises with being awoken every spring. Food for thought…

Another one is the different mythologies, folklore, and legends about thunder, which I thought was appropriate about this time of year. Some think it’s a hammer, some think it’s wild horses, some Ghost Riders herding the Devil’s cattle, others it’s tumultuous winds fighting, an Asian myth I read was dragons – it’s fascinating to ponder as the black clouds roar overhead.

Tonight, I will listen – I wonder what I’ll hear… Hooves? Ghost herdsmen? The clang of a hammer?

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