Dog Days of Summer

From July. 3 to Aug. 11 it is considered ‘The Dog Days of Summer,’ from the rising and setting of the little dog star Canicula, as well as the ‘dog star,’ Sirius. The name “Sirius,” comes from the Greek seirios, meaning ‘scorching,’ as far as I understand it.

During this time it is ill advised to take blood, give blood, or to delve too deeply into the Other-worlds; from what I understand means that it makes us vulnerable to the incredible heat and damage of the height of summer – Also, because of this time of year the inherit craziness reigns, thus the irrational mind(s) that lead us to raving madness, or rage of which delving too far also renders us vulnerable to.

It could be because Sirius was probably called ‘Loki’s Brand,’ which I think is food for thought from the Norse regions. Also, it is one of the brightest stars in our night sky…

During the month of July, I typically make many protective amulets, to protect from the thunder, lightning, as well as the ‘thunder‘ of human existence and interrelation. An amulet and a talisman are two different things – an Amulet, protects and wards. A talisman, attracts in very, very basic terms.

I will post more on my July activities, for now I raise a toast to the thunderous hooves of the herds that rampage in a storm across the sky in an ink blackness right above my very home!

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