The Gods at Large

I loved their blogs – Dver and Aedicula- and I found myself nodding more than I stared into space thinking. I raise a toast to both of you.

For my own spirit work, Arta is not a simple ‘woodland,’ or ‘bear goddess.’ She’s much more than that. It’s like saying Apollo only plays the harp and has some dealings with the sun, or Cernunnos only sits in the forests and watches the trees sway. Bears are not simple creatures, and with all the overlays of history, human thought, bare archeology, folklore, and then some; the bear is definitely a creature that is frightening as well as fascinating.

When I first got thrown into this role, I was pulled from my own humanity to see this world from Their eyes – the spirit’s view of our world would make many of us squirm – This world was not what I thought it was. Looking at Arta from this perspective really changed how I approach Her, the Spirits, and the world itself.

As a henotheist, I will seek to do my damnedest to have an open mind. I’ve tried to keep this up from the first full embrace I received from Arta. I admit, I’m human and well – I’m also an asshole. But hey, at least I keep trying.

Bears as far as I’ve learned are creatures of the Underworld, and so tonight I will take my ashes, anoint myself and venture there to bring this fledgling knowledge there to see what I glean.

I have heard of the idea being postulated of a ‘human totem,’ and I don’t think we have one. I think we are an anomaly with the world itself, hence why we seek out the spirits and Gods to further our understanding and our place in the world – as well as many of our obsessions with the Other-worlds. I think we are the descendants of the Gods in a distant form – we are their pupils and their creations in a unique way. For instance, I am the way I am from life experience and the final honing of the raw from Arta’s own hand – Cernunnos may have taught wild primitive man to hunt – and another agricultural God or Goddess may have taken it from there – to technology, and to our own modern world. All the world needs is a subtle push and the wheel begins turning…

And, in closing this is why I take my ‘down time‘ when Arta does not speak to me as a time to study, reflect, and learn on my own so when the gears begin again – I have learned something further… Hopefully.

I dunno – we’ll just have to see what I learn.



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2 thoughts on “The Gods at Large

  1. Babs

    I absolutely agree with you that gods don’t just do the things that they are known for really well. I like how you used Cernunnos because hes not just sitting in the forest chilling. There is so much to it. He hunts, he runs, hes a teacher, he can be a joker and a trickster. I think when people dumb down the gods or put them in tiny boxes they are not doing them justice.

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