In Memory, and Colorado

Lately, this state has been hit damn hard by tragedy. From devastating fires, to displacement due to being rendered homeless, to a shooting at a Theature, people being found dead in their own backyard…

So much death and tragedy lately – and I’m aware I’m far from it in my own locale; but don’t think I don’t feel it out here. The wind is heavy, and the river has actually slowed it’s current. It really seems like the land around here is in shock of sorts.

I took time out today, to have my own small ceremony to respect the recently departed, and to ask the spirits and newly joined Ancestors for an ease in transition, and justice as well as condolences for those who are still living. As with many traditional funerals and memorials I fasted, veiled my hair, and gave offerings on behalf of those who recently departed – copper and silver coins to pay the Guardian who guards the entrance to the Underworld. I also gave tobacco to the spirits to aid the beloved dead.

I played a solemn tune on my violin to them, and gave many moments of silence. I lit a vigil candle, and will leave it lit. This is the short words I ended the ritual with:

To honor and respect the departed.

“Though your red thread has turned black,

It passes to become white.

You, my beloved who walk the forgotten track,

I light my vigil tonight.

I weep as you Cross the Great Divide,

It is a task I will have to someday do,

I hope to have the same guide,

So again your loved ones can find you”

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