Single God Pagans

6 thoughts on “Single God Pagans”

  1. I have pondered this often. I am a duotheist (Or so I have been told) Because I worship one god and one goddess. I kinda feel like the all gods are one and all goddesses are one at least in my situation. Diana wears many faces 🙂

  2. I honestly can’t agree with that – but I won’t judge. I do have a staunch cultural viewpoint – but that’s just me, and I toast to you, the Ancestors, and the Gods!

    1. Ugh – I just re-read that, shit I can be an asshole. I’m sorry. I don’t agree with the ‘All Gods are One,’ ideology – but I refuse to be judgmental about it. I am very glad to know a Dualist – I’d love to ask and talk about viewpoints sometime if you have a minute :).

      1. Of course we will have to talk about it some time. Don’t worry you weren’t an ass. Its just in my experience there hasn’t really been other gods piping up voicing their opinions. When I worship Diana she has the face of Hekate too changing with the seasons, but still Diana.

  3. I don’t really fit neatly into any of the conventional theological categories. On the one hand I have an almost henotheistic devotion to Dionysos — but on the other he’s usually surrounded by a host of gods, spirits and assorted supernatural beings so that my worship of him carries over to them as well. And I’m pretty much alatrous outside of that retinue in that I believe in a potentially limitless number of divine beings … with whom I have almost nothing to do.

    1. It isn’t that far off from my own practices with Arta – centered with Arta with a plethora of Gods coming and going (damned near at all hours of the night!), thanks for replying!

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