Dirt Poor Paganism

4 thoughts on “Dirt Poor Paganism”

  1. Honestly, the kind of life you describe is to a large degree what I’ve been searching for. Sure, you can do and buy really fun things with money. REALLY fun, yes indeed. But what I’ve been longing for is a simpler, yet at the same time much more profound, way of life. Though, I doubt anyone who has ever lived like that will ever call it “simple”, as it sure as hell is a lot easier to just go with the flow of modern society…

  2. It’s a shit-load of hard work… I wouldn’t call it ‘simple,’ nor am I the ‘best’ at it – there’s still so much to learn I’m just at the tip of the iceberg…

    Thanks for replying – and for liking my post – it’s a more accurate description on how I live – it isn’t easy (being poor ya know) but I think that’s why all the older photos of the Ancestors have that contentment in their eyes – and it took being poor to put my stubborn brain into perspective.

  3. I know how that feels. I have never had much money though I have lived decently. I get food stamps and social security and my mom is a single mom (adopted as you know). Not having all lot of money is difficult, but teaches so many lessons that makes you grateful for the things you do have. 🙂

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