Continued… (And added to)

So, I have felt the imprint of Cathubodva, of whom I’ve been struggling with for some months now. Is She here? Is She not? Is She here to stay? Is She temporary?

No, I think She’s here to stay. Not sure how to handle things – it now takes my Gods to four is She is staying. So, I’ll just see what I learn. Maybe She’s here to teach, maybe to just kick my ass, test me… I’m not sure.

I began just surfing the net again – something I haven’t had time to do in weeks – I asked Her verbally to show me something to start with – and… I found this blog that I really feel She pointed to:

The Witch of Endor was appparently the first lesson. To you Blyssfulwitch, I raise a toast. I have the first lesson to chew on, and learn from as crows chew on the battlefields learning from their dead – their memories combining with the corvids.

A powerful lesson to be sure.

I do wonder if my sister’s painting of the Morrigan has anything to do with why this is occuring- she painted it in a sort of meditation to Her, and in dedication to Her. I guess time will tell?

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