Pagan Values –

Found this through House of Vines (Thanks!) and I probably won’t be added either, but… Here goes.

Do not judge – that tattooed, pierced man you sneer at might be your surgeon at the ER. Don’t discriminate.

Be honorable – it takes more strength and courage to work and earn your way step by step, than to take it like a coward. Only when you’ve walked the road can you say the journey’s yours.

Those are just two of them – others include patience (yes, I struggle every day), hospitatlity, discipline, fidelity, and even more besides.

It really irks me when another Pagan tells me that I shouldn’t be the way I am because it’s not ‘Real Paganism.’ Ya know, until there’s a time machine and we can actually see it face to face – all we have is gnosis, archeology, mythology, folklore, and folk traditions. Get over it.

Basically, telling me that because I’m monogamous, a dedicated inebriate, a smoker, silent until spoken to (then I’m outspoken), honest beyond a fault which lands my ass in more trouble than… Well, a fuck-load of trouble, anyway…. Is not keeping with ‘real’ Paganism is… Ridiculous. Seriously.

I think it’s important in my own faith to agree to disagree, and celebrate differences rather than sneer, and bitch about them. Even I have to fight this in myself, and I catch myself from time to time as I ‘weed’ this out of me. This uphill battle is up a mountain – but I’m a stubborn one…

I wish fewer Pagans would stop throwing mud and leave it to the rigged elections in November. Looking at the ancient world, there were more kinds of Pagan thought than scholars can really grasp – add in the movement of peoples, intermarriage, trade, war, etc… There are combinations of combinations that really make the modern Pagan look pretty good.

I don’t give a rat’s ass if you’re gay, polamorous, polygamous, monogamous, have an indepth relation with either hand… I really think sex and marriage is a private institution – NOT a public one. You’ll be spending (Gods willing) the rest of your life that the one(s) you vowed to – not the fucking world at large. Well, that’s just how I view it. I think the idea of a public ceremony is redundant, because the truest vows should be said naked, and alone with the one(s) you love. When you’re sporting rings, and living together I think the commitment is obvious…

I have no issues with sex, BDSM, or open relationships – hell if that’s where your heart resides – kudos. I have yet to have an issue with sex on Litha or other Beltane rituals out in the open between two consenting adults at private gatherings. Again – nookie is awesome. I do have an issue when it is sneered or scoffed at, because it’s ‘not normal.’ You… ARE aware you’re a Pagan yes? More often than not worshiping a Deity that in reality pushes the envelope if not breaks the seal?

I’m monogamous. That’s just how my brain, heart, soul, spirit, body, mind, and emotions work. I can only handle and devote to one. Hell, I’m a Polytheist who is dedicated to Arta, and works with other Gods. In my human and romantic relationships – I’m like Highlander: There can be only one. I only need and want one person. I find it offensive when other Pagans try to help me ‘see the light of poly-amorous relations,’ disregarding my own needs and wants that are reserved with just my Hubs.

And, I’ve come ’round about ‘Fluffies.’ I think those who are narrow or closed minded are just as awful as the experienced Fundies. On either side of the spectrum, it makes you a dick. Anywhere in-between or on either side an open and understanding mind speaks volumes about you, regardless of how many books you can quote, or years of research or learning. And, I am always happy to share a horn or cup of magically delicious beverage with an open minded person than a dick any day.

Oh, did I mention I love free speech?

But anyway, I do have an issue of turning the Old Gods into hippies. When I encountered Cernnunos, He had a more ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’ character of the Faun. It does NOT fit with many representations of some gentle flute-playing buckskin wearing hippie who just wants peace. Nature is not a hippie. Nature and Nature Gods will eat you, screw you over (or just screw you), as well as work with you and guide you.

Arta and other Bear Deities have been turned into similar fashions – So I won’t even broach the subject… Makes me snarl too much to type. I saw Dionysus as a cherub that doesn’t drink…. REALLY? How is softening the focus helping anyone?

I’ve noticed a lot of hatred in the Pagan community that I think is a hold-over from many, many Pagan’s conversions. Hell, I never converted and I had societal hatred plugged into me. It’s taken damn near 12 years to root out the cause, duke it out with my darker nature, and emerge with a black eye, limp, and bald spots on my scalp (Mostly unexplainable physical injuries such as severe bruising and welts, and excessive nose bleeds) but whole as a person.

The main reason I don’t frequent forums, chat sites, or gatherings is the constant political bullshit and backstabbing. Holy shit-balls batman. If all your faith is ends up in fighting, mudslinging, and cowardly gossip – damn… It hearkens back to the hatred that follows you like a stink you can’t identify.

Hatred is nasty, and it’s so pervasive most don’t realize they’re doing it. And having it pointed out causes many to go on the defensive. I will keep trying not to live this way, I think I’ve been doing better and better as time goes on…. But hey, I’m human and I admit that.

I can’t say the whole community is bad, I’ve met too many gems to say that. Awesome people that make me think, learn, contemplate, that challenge my views which causes me to grow… Hilarious people, charitable people, and just all out bad-asses. To you – I will always raise a toast. Trouble is.. Too many dicks get the microphone.

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2 thoughts on “Pagan Values –

  1. I agree with so much of this it’s not even funny

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