She-Bear Musings and Trickery

8 thoughts on “She-Bear Musings and Trickery”

  1. With Demeter’s daughter Persephone, maybe there’s a lost link with the similar Bear’s winter rest and absence, and active summer?

    Unfortunately, that comparison doesn’t really stand up well because all evidence points to the likelihood that Persephone was actually thought to be Down Below in the summer – which is the fallow time in Greece – and return to the world above in the fall with the rains. (Though even a lot of Hellenic pagans don’t seem to know this.)

    The connection between Artemis and bears is much stronger.

    1. Hey thanks for letting me know! I don’t know too much about them and the idea did make me wonder.

      I’ve been reading and researching, and some believe Artemis to have come from farther north, not the other way ’round… Which, I do find fascinating and as of now I’m elbow deep in e-books.

  2. This rings very true. The compassion and healing of Mother Bear are matched only by her strength and fury. She has been, and continues to be a powerful teacher, and driving force behind the healing aspect of my life – whether that healing is internal or external.

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