I think we need to shed the sheepskin, and put the wolfskin back on!

This all began from a FaceBook conversation I’ve been having and Galina got me thinking… And, I think they’re on the right track: If you are a Pagan Covert, how much of your faith have you dragged in with the cat?

Many Pagans who are deeply involved with their Gods will tell you – it changes you. It challenges what you’re ‘comfortable’ with, and then some. I think that’s the point.

In my belief, we learned our angers, fears, and more from the Perfect Imperfection of the Gods Themselves. That’s what makes this world wonderful, fearful, and a life-time learning experience.

I see many monotheistic ideas being forced into a polytheistic setting. Coming from a damn-near purely polytheistic perspective (I do live in America, and yes it is very true: Christian ideals are still rife in my area) I see this more than I’d like to. I’m often the ‘odd’ one that sits on the sofa at ‘gatherings’ because I’m not angry about gays being allowed into rites – I’m the ‘odd’ one that doesn’t mind orgies that are optional at Beltane rituals (I’m monogamous, but that’s just because that’s all I can handle honestly mentally, emotionally, and physically – ONE. Religion has nothing to do with it, just my human capabilities and needs), and I’m the ‘odd’ one that points out where their fundamentalist thinking gets my ass into hot water most cases.

I’ve been called ‘Outsider,’ ‘Heretic,’ ‘Non-TRUE-Pagan,’ and more.

I stick out, no matter where the fuck I go. It’s just going to happen. What most don’t expect is respect, and human decency I try to give everyone.

Where I live, I’m accepted and to some degree- understood. It isn’t perfect, but I’ve worked hard and diligently to get there to prove Pagans are Honorable, Loyal, and Honest people. We live by these, and much more. I’m the only face many people around here are probably going to see of Paganism – might as well try to make it as good of a poster-child as I can right?

But, if you are a Pagan Convert – really go through your dusty corners of your mind and spirit, and really think about that ‘filters’ you are imposing on yourself.

Is that trickster God a necessary balance? Or a ‘devil,’ you brought with you?

Is that Hermaphrodite Goddess/God really one or the other?

How about the beliefs in general?

What can you see?

UPDATE: June. 15, 2012 – I have no issues with syncretism. None. Just understand why you believe what you do , and where that school of thought originated. Please don’t tell me that ‘this is the way it’s always been,’ because I know and others know it isn’t.

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