Cleaning, Cleansing, and Banishment

I don’t do this often, but I know I should. By the weight of the waning gibbous moon, I cleaned, cleansed, and banished many things from our home. I hadn’t realized how cluttered it was, and not just physically. And all of this was weighing in on our health, emotions, and spiritual connections. It was time to clean.

I set up a temporary altar on our dining table, which is the central-most point

Set up, and ready.

in our little home. With my bear-skin drum, I opened the ritual.

I asked the mink, turtle, wasp, loon, and spider for many things. Mostly, to aid me in banishing the many things that were plaguing us – and we had dragged them home without realizing it and ‘feeding’ them as we weakened ourselves. My rauchstocks were lit, and filled the entire house with potent and strengthening smoke.

How I use the fire-sticks.

I made a wash of rising river water I’d gotten from the Thompson river, sage, star anise, cinnamon, and mugwort. I cleaned the house physically, top to bottom – removing cobwebs which were made apparent by the smoke, to laundry, cleaning my kitchen, oven, cubbards, my living room was cleaned and dusted, my bedroom and bathroom were put back and cleaned as well. All the while singing sacred songs, and ‘setting the stones back upright,’ if you will.

Next came out ‘The Beast,’ a loving term for my gourd rattle. It’s huge, and mean. It is a black gourd filled with black salt. If there is ill in my home in the form of spirit or otherwise, the beast will root it out and remove it. It’s an awesome tool. It works wonders for healing by banishing illness.

I went to every corner – no space was missed. The house began to look vibrant again, like dust being taken off of a dusty glass. I knew I was on the right track.

After ‘chasing‘ it out my front door, I took my sacred water and blessed my home anew. I’ll write about my own sacred water later on. I got blessed, even the dogs and carefully the chinchilla (they can’t get wet, so I went around her).

So now my house feels better, looks better, and feels better – if you catch what I mean. So with it cleaned, and cleansed – I’m happy to call this house a ‘Happy Home,’ once again.

And this is for Iolair – who wanted to see my rattle:

Sitting next to a root beer can for size reference.

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