Spirit of the Place

I’ve now read several blogs talking about ‘spirit of the place,’ and not just the genius locii – but the actual essence of your ‘place.’ In my case – North-Eastern Colorado.

Hwy 34, right outside Greeley, CO. The mountains are obscured by the dust.

I live on the plains. I’m within easy driving distance to the Rockies, and all I can say about this land is this: There are many ghosts. Not just your stereotypical ones, but the spirits who still linger… With that, those who came to settle this area have not been kind.

There were black bears, grizzlies, elk, wild turkeys, all kinds of animals here on the plains- now gone. In fact, those who came here tried so hard to remove these that even the memory is gone. The last bear from near my town was removed in 1975. I live on the fringes between the Front Range to the Rockies, and the ‘Great Plains.’

There were many peoples here, Sioux, Arapahoe, Kiowa, and Pawnee. These peoples left their mark and were also forcefully removed. Unfortunately, this is a fucked up part of Colorado history.

With these, there are spirits who are NOT happy with a whiter-than-sour-cream spirit worker, but with work I’ve managed to begin relations with a few – the remainder still keep a staunch distance. Time will tell – there is a lot of bad history. I am NOT my Ancestors but OF my Ancestors – and I will always try to live to prove it. For those settlers that just took, took, and otherwise being parasitical have not helped; all for the sake of ‘striking it rich,’ through farming, ranching or the gold rush. Remember the dust bowl? It reached up here.

This photo reminds me of the almost thunderous silence. Wish I could remember where I found this photo!

As a spirit worker, there is an almost void, and an almost whisper of memory that is ‘just below one’s hearing,’ so to speak but still rumbles like thunder. So when I drum and venture to the Otherworlds, some of my steps echo. But in my own physical life, there are farms, ranches, and constant noise from them, as well as the remaining wildlife.

It humbles me, and angers me all at once. Who are we to fence nature in? Looking at historical photos of the plains before all the fucked up changes happened because of settlers…. I have no words. The pictures are so different. My own Ancestors were still on the East Coast, but that doesn’t change anything. I feel this land differently than my neighbor does – I sense the hollow left behind by the forced uprooting.

Many view these Ancestors (settlers) as heroes. I can’t. I speak to the actual spirits that inhabit this land – and the story is a sharp contrast. It definitely ‘colors’ those black and white photos – punn intended. There are the spirits who came with the settlers – and their story is still different from history. The portrait that is painted is in muted colors of intensity.

With this post being about the spirit of this place, this plains area… I am welcomed, but not welcomed. And, again Dver has a brilliant idea. I will create

Twisters happen in this area. Etno’s might can plainly be seen. Don’t f*ck with the Upper World Gods of Thunder! (ladeltaweather.com)

a small shrine for this place specifically – to work with, to honor, and to show the spirit worker’s spirits that I do indeed mean what I say in my oaths, promises, and actions. It’s a start, and here’s hoping I might be able to do some good out here where so many ghosts still whisper. I will create a specific place for the Toad genius Locii – and the rock/woman entity that is the river.

So again Dver – you know, you’re awesome. Two brilliant ideas… I raise my rum in a toast. Why hadn’t I thought of this before?!?

I will post photos if my camera holds out, and as soon as I have spoken with the local spirits about ‘how’ and ‘what’ they want their shrine to be.

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3 thoughts on “Spirit of the Place

  1. So glad I inspired you to make your own spirit-of-place shrines! I am finding it to be a very useful practice, and helping to keep me “grounded” in what’s important.

  2. I’m just abashed that such an idea had never occurred to me! It’s so practical, so…. Brilliant. Damn! *toast*

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