Antlered Goddess, and Amazon.

I made it to Amazon! (

There has been some rehashing and new research added to it, but until the Publisher can change it – well… Bear with me.

Museum pictures of bronze Antlered Goddesses.

Karnona. She rules this Middle World of ours in my belief, and weaves Her fateful webs into the fabric of creation itself – damn, I’m on a punn roll. I do keenly connect Her to reindeer – as well as elk, white-tail, and other cervidea. Not just fate, she’s also the deliverer of justice.

I find a disturbing trend with practitioners – many view the Underworld as dark and sinister (ok, it is, but still), the Middleworld more inviting, and the Upperworld full of love and light. It’s not that clear cut, and there is plenty of scary shit in the Upperworld, as well as our own Middleworld. Look around, there’s plenty to frighten us right here, right now.

The Deer Cult is largely looked over in modern paganism for the popularity of Cernunnos or Herne. But everytime I browse blogs and websites I’ve seen many who’ve felt the Deer Goddesses, and some who are deeply enchanted. Count me as one of them.

For my own tradition, it is Karnona who leads the hunt in the dark of the year.

My own statue to Karnona.

She is also one of the many shape-shifters and reading about the Woman to deer change in folklore is equally as fascinating.

It was Karnona that began teaching me about fly agaric. I add this as part of my summer solstice and winter solstice decor.

Deer Goddesses are also called ‘Deer Mother,’ from Hungary to Siberia. With the close ties of time between Karnona and other Antlered Goddesses, with the male Cernunnos – what myth or link has been lost?

Karnona does have a lot of solar associations – but again, I don’t view the sun as any deity.

Want to find Her? Find Her Hollow Hill, she may be there spinning.

UPDATE: Her book will be out soon. I’ll post the link when it is available.

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2 thoughts on “Antlered Goddess, and Amazon.

  1. Very much looking forward to the book coming out. I started visiting a local forest preserve back in August of ’11, and the moment I stepped off the path, all I could see was deer bones everywhere. Everywhere. And now I’ve started dreaming about deer, at least once a week. I’ve generally only worked with (how I hate that term, but it’s marginally better than “invoked”, “summoned”, or any other stupid word that means the practitioner gets to command the spirit, which is BS) scavengers before — gull, crow, coyote, rat, fly. I’m rather off-balance, trying to make the adjustment.


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