Downsizing Cont…

I sat before my hearth/altar, and stared. Why do I need so much stuff?

Today, will be hard. I read Dver’s blog about going through, missing nothing down to the dust. Damned good advice that I will be heeding today. It really struck a cord with me – maybe I am overly cluttered and can’t do my spirit work in it’s truest form. Being overloaded with stuff clouds what I’m supposed to be using, seeing, and living. I have only three Gods, why do I have enough stuff for six?

I looked back on my Ancestors. They, who were fresh to this country and having a different world view than what I have today – maybe there’s a link. We Americans are raised, and live in a culture that is imbedded in our thinking that for my Gods is very foreign. We are born and bred to want, and own things.

And likewise, to hoard them in our homes like Bilbo’s dragon Smog.

Emotional attachments are the hardest for me to let go. I will have to ask some hard questions, and with the guidance of the Spirits, Gods, and Ancestors maybe I can lighten the clutter and see things a bit more clearly.

Mostly, the hardest thing has been the ‘reprogramming,’ and reconditioning myself from the consumerism and gluttony for stuff. For some having more stuff is some sort of status symbol – for me it’s a trip hazard. Some are memories I cherish – maybe I need to let the physical go and keep the memory in my head where it should be?

When it takes 30 min to cleanse and rebuild my altar – it’s a sign that I have more than I should be carrying. I think I got inspiration that won’t work for what I do – and for my Gods.

That’s where I’ll be today. Lots to think about, and there will be lots to say goodbye to.

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