Ugh in the Spirit World

4 thoughts on “Ugh in the Spirit World”

  1. Hi, I just found your blog recently, having been doing a lot of research into bear worship recently. Anyway, just wanted to say – what happened to you with spider, happened to me with bees. Terrified of them for my whole childhood and into adulthood. Then one day, they started coming for me – in the physical world, and in the spiritual. I eventually relented and realized they were one of my spirit animals. Now, I work with them regularly. Never would have imagined it though.
    (Also, my partner works with spider heavily:

  2. Hello! I wrote a small book on my own bear worship if you want to read it. It’s just what I do…. Thanks for the tips with spider! Thanks for the link! Yea, I’ve been mortified of arachnids ever since I can remember. I just didn’t think they’d be working with me, and I sure as hell didn’t expect such a mellow creature.

  3. Hi! I’ve been dealing with my own spider phobia recently; I’ve had it since I was 6 or 7 and my mom told me, quite nonchalantly, that when I was 2, she found me sitting under the kitchen table, having apparently just put a live spider in my mouth. Several legs were still sticking out and wiggling weakly. I swallowed it before she could take it away, she said.

    Who WOULDN’T freak out and be scarred for life after hearing something like that?

    But it got to the point of being crippling, especially after reading online that, no matter where we are in the world (unless we happen to live outdoors in Antarctica), we are never more than 5 feet away from a spider. They are THAT numerous. So about eight years ago, I started working with flooding techniques: first looking at pictures of spiders until they didn’t bother me any more, then watching them on YouTube, then holding plastic or rubber fake spiders, then watching live spiders in cages at the pet store (tarantulas), then watching live spiders NOT in cages from a distance, and finally watching them close up.

    It’s taken years, but at the end of May this year, I went camping in upstate NY with some friends. We were sitting in a picnic shelter on the last afternoon before going home, and I realized a small spider had just dropped down from the roof and landed in the hair of the friend next to me. Rather than shrieking, running away, hyperventilating, going into shock, I got up very calmly, scooped it into my hand, carried it over to the grass, and let it go. I’m pretty sure my phobia of them is dead.

    …which is a good thing, because all of a sudden there are spiders EVERYWHERE in my house and where I go outside, and I’m starting to wonder if this is some kind of test…

    ~Jennifer L.

    1. That’s wonderful! My phobia has been overcome by a strange circumstance. There was a jumping spider that refused to leave our home. We got a jar for him to live in, and he lived with us for some time. I hand fed him, watched him, let him crawl on my hand… So now they don’t bother me, and I give you props for facing that phobia head on!

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