Obscured Much?

I am still typing on the third book about my Bird God. But, researching such a deity is difficult at best, and impossible otherwise. Because of the huge attention given to Bird Goddesses, trying to take the gnosis I’ve gained from Etno and research it is a daunting task in and of itself.

Add in the views of ‘Bird GOD? Birds are strictly feminine!’ …. Sigh. So, you know all there is to know about the Old Ones? I know I freakin’ don’t.

If you’ve read my other two books, you’d see that even though obscure, Arta and Karnona are not within the norm, Etno is not any better. Just because I work with obscure deities doesn’t make things any easier, or better. It makes me want to pull my hair out most of the time.

Etno, as I’ve said, is an Upper-World God, a raven, owl, and goose, and eagle God; His metal is silver, and I do sense lunar connections, but I don’t see the rock satellite that orbits our planet as a being or entity. It is the ‘minute’ hand in the world’s clock of sorts.

Before you hit the computer monitor screaming ‘Only Goddesses had birds held sacred to them!’ Hear me out. There are numerous male deities associated with Birds. Odin and his two ravens? Lugh with his raven and eagle? Angus with his swans? The crane with Mannanan? I do not deny all the Goddesses associated with birds – but I don’t ignore the masculine persona that hold the Owl, raven, goose, and many other birds as sacred.

Those are actually just off the top of my head… Wow, maybe caffeine DOES like me…

Europe is actually no stranger to Bird Gods, and I think the bias stems from the rebirth and revival of the current pagan traditions. The backlash of the male, in preference to the female has permeated too much of our understanding, and now it’s considered dogma.

Dogma = bad juju.

Ravens are going to be covered in my book, and there is so much evidence for their male associations I’ll skip it for now in this blog. Also, the eagle as well. His other birds, the owl and the goose are probably going to ruffle some feathers (pun fully and willfully intended).

Somehow, the Gods are limited in modern pagan ideology – when in folklore and myth, the European Gods overlapped, and didn’t have barriers akin to their Mediterranean counterparts. Basically, modern pagans have made dogmatic ‘molds,’ that the Gods must fit into, whether they recognize it for what it is or not: superficial, rigid, and not really functional in any actual sense of working with the Old Gods.

Even besides these specified birds, Etno is ‘The Avian One,’ and so from the hawk to the finch, you can hear His messages and oracles. I’ve been reading about a Roman Parrot Cult…. Which I admit makes me chuckle.

If you notice from this combination, Etno is not only weather, the sky, and the Upperworld. He is society, trickery, truth, law, learning, and an oracle in His own right. As with many deities who are kin to birds, He has His own vital role to play in creation with many other Gods. My creation beliefs might be covered later, I dunno yet. The moon is connected with the sea, another deep association I have with Etno, and if Manannan is any example of the weather, otherworld, and sea with the crane… How many other myths have been lost?

Let’s start with Owls. Mostly believed to be a feminine bird thanks to the Victorian notion based on the Greco-Roman Gods (which some know just doesn’t fit, work, nor is appropriate for a plethra of European Gods). Owls are connected to the moon, the night as we all know; but are connected to the cult of the Head, well known in the Continental Gaul regions. The color of the dead in my belief is white, as is the color of the moon, clouds, and low lying fog that folklore is keen to point out it’s connections to entering the otherworld.

Lesij (forest spirits that take the form of owls, wolves, and whirlwinds), Pueo, Taarapita, the Hindu Yama, Cilens, Boreas of the North Winds had an Owl, Hell even St. Michael has an owl (oooh another pun)…

I hope you’re seeing how much damn work goes into understanding gnosis – It’s blood, sweat, tears, and many… Many growls and groans. This is just the surface, I go further into this in my book – which is taking more time for research than I expected.

The Goose, who is found with the Egyptian God of Time Geb/Seb (I’m not sure which one is the actual name, or spelling), even Pan has been shown in the company of aquatic birds, Ocelus, Gengenwar, Tengri, and still some others that have yet to be dug up in our collective human memory via folklore, archeology, etc.

The Goose is associated with guarding/ protection, travel, agression, wealth, fertility, alarms to danger, protection from disease, and security. Not what you’d expect in comparison with the fluff new-age. I love to cook goose, and we eat goose every Rauhnauct for wealth, health, and protection and my family hunts and feasts on these birds during the winter. We’re not the only people to feast on this bird at this time of year either, it’s a European tradition that is very old for many reasons, from Gods to superstition to historical events.

Needless to say, my Gods have given (and are still giving me) a run for my money so to speak. I may never understand ‘why me,’ but hey – it’s given me purpose, new perception with the world, and I hope in time – some workable wisdom. I guess we’ll find out?

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