Altars, Shrines, and Workbenches

This is the symbol of my world tree, my axis. It is simple but a potent form for many rites and working.

The Hearth is not just some table that holds all my stuff, tools, and vessels. The altar is the ‘place of places and place outside of places,’ but it is also a shrine to honor my Gods, Ancestors, and Spirits; as well as a good ol’ fashioned workbench for my rituals.

The altar is it’s own center of my work, as well as a focal point. It is my first ‘crossroad,’ on the world tree, a door so to speak. Gah, that doesn’t even cover it. Shit, I really wish I was poetic sometimes.

The hearth is also a neutral area, where one can say, do, and act in a way that is natural to them, more closely attuned to who they really are, as opposed to the restraint we all show in a typical social setting. The Gods know who you are, and before the hearth you can be yourself.

The symbol you see here is my World Tree, it’s a sacred symbol that I use akin to the Pentacle (I’ll cover that soon). That’s all for now, enjoy.

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