Building local –

In the past, many had rich local folklore, knowledge of the land around them (flora and fauna), and a unique local ‘flavor’ to their own little culture within the larger culture. With this ‘global society,’ we’re starting to feel that hole that was formed when we focus on the world around us, and forget what’s right in front of us.

I admit – this was hard for me too.

But I kept at it – and with an open eye, good Google search, and the aid of books I’ve learned a lot about this area. Locally (and I mean within easy driving or walking distance) I have wooly verbena, false solomon’s seal, peppermint, sagebrush, marsh skullcap, bergamot, rabbitbrush, water hemlock, blue flax… That’s just the plants..

The local animals are geese, rabbits, antelope, white-tail, coyote, plethora of other birds, and those asshole cats that love to dig up my onions (if I catch the little shits again there WILL be cat-skin gloves added to my internet store for you Seidr practitioners!!).

It’s a good start – meaning, I don’t buy much of anything if I don’t have to. I just go outside. Of my house. Away from the noisy technology. Away from people. Out of the AC and heating…. Hint..

Anyway, the local folklore is really inspiring, from rock-bolters, to the Ghost Riders, Ft Morgan witch, and there’s still more to take in. Try this:

Put away your credit cards, and go Google your local area, county, or hell even state. Learn what’s there. Look at the folklore – visit these places if you can. Take in where you live, get to know your own area. It may just surprise you.


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