The Wasp

The wasp and I have been working diligently for some time together. For tonight, I thought I’d share some of what I’ve learned, here goes:

I got this from Wikipedia - it is the only place I think that is left where one can use the pictures without bitching, pissing, and moaning.

The wasp is a creature of organization, cooperation, and overcoming challenges despite how large or small they may be. Also, they’re about aggression and protection. Just like their paper nests, that start from one organized center – learning to organize one’s life can be daunting; thus showing us how to organize, as well as the need to. After you organize, you’ll find more freedom and stability than you did previously.

The wasp is a die-hard cooperative creature for the sake of the nest. Seeing the communal quality in relation to building together is something we can all take something away from in our own lives.

About the aggression – despite this they are not creatures of war – mostly a ‘don’t fuck with me’ stance when you see them buzzing around. They are very protective of their nest, and will sting relentlessly if they feel threatened. Otherwise, the wasps around here will buzz by minding their own business. The nest represents the established order in what form it needs to be in and will put in a great deal of immense focus on re-establishing the order if it gets disturbed. This aggression is necessary for us today, as there are nosier people, more assholes, and more people that want to dick with your life and change it to their liking. The wasp, simply says ‘No.’

The wasp puts you in situations that challenge the ‘order,’ we think we have in order to rebuild a stronger one. If you’re a loner, the wasp will set situations up that require team work. The wasp is not afraid, and will indeed invade your privacy and show you new things if you show an equal amount of fearlessness.

Needless to say, it’s been hard. I no longer run from them, and they no longer frighten the SHITS out of me. They ride on the bill of my hat, rest on my welding helmet, and hover around my front door but never enter the house. Anyone who says having a spiritual familiar being easy is full of crap.

Anyway, there’s the wasp as I know currently. He has been a paradoxical, and challenging companion.



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