The Mink

This is the other familiar that I work with – as strange as it sounds, I have no issues working with the mink, which is part of the weasel family. I love the way they think, and how they react; it is fascinating to me.

Another from Wikipedia - used solely for demonstrative purposes.

I think of the mink as the balance to the wasp. The wasp is communal, whereas the mink is solitary. The wasp is diurnal, the mink nocturnal. The mink teaches us how we are valuable, and what our assets are. It shows (whether we like what we see or not) where our desirability truly lies. Truth is stranger than fiction – something many tricksters know all too well! As a trickster, there is an incredible amount of ‘just knowing,’ that surrounds him. Add into this the competitive nature, and… Shit gets real. Who better to guide you through the maze of your own mind than a mink?

The mink eats what he can catch. From fish to frogs, clams to whatever they can catch will make a fine meal for a mink. The mink is an excellent swimmer, and very competitive with other animals in the area.

The mink is a trickster, and like many tricksters you need wit and a sharp mind in order to tango with a mink. Also, the mink is a creature that like the bear, can teach us much about the power of being alone.

Because of the mink’s deep link with fresh water, working out here near the reservoir has been aided by the mink who has helped bridge communication difficulties with the stone-woman creature that lives there as genius loci. There is wisdom in fresh water, and through the mink I’ve learned about the birds, insects, other mammals, fish, plants, etc., that are all connected locally through the river.

The mink is the representative of randomcardrolodex par excellence. The mink can take contrasting ideas and through trickster logic have them arguably sensible. Being around mink and someone who works with mink has had it’s ‘random card,’ influences of damn near everyone who is around me on a long-term basis. It just happens. Because of this, most people who work with mink can have a very complicated logic that can be difficult to understand.

The mink has loved my productivity and creativity – and have instructed me on saving my energy or stored ‘umph,’ for later and to doll them out slowly for a longer lasting effect.

The mink is an Underworld creature, and will show you how to guide yourself in the darkest regions of the Underworld in search of wisdom and personal nourishment. Again, this is a creature of hostility, and will use this to maintain one’s personal space and to keep invasion OUT. Mink loathes nosy people, and those who love to pry.

There you have it – a short synopsis of the mink.

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