Ice, Water, and the Balance to a Previous Post

I wrote about fire, and smoke with the smoke sticks earlier. Ice/Water plays an important role in my practice, and I hope I can explain this….

Fire and Ice/Water are the primordial forces of creation – the ice of winter gives way to summer, and the sleeping world awakens from it’s rest. The icy roads the Ancestors travel on in the winter thaw for the living, and the budding leaves feed off the in-bedded nutrients of the thaw. It’s a perpetual cycle of death, and rebirth.

The bear is par and parcel to this – when the ice forms, they rest like the rest of the world, in the Underworld with the Ancestors. When the thaw happens, they emerge with new cubs, and new-found wisdom.

Water has so much symbolism behind it, I’ll get to it in a moment. I post about ice – something I live with until late March-Mid April… Taking a hardened piece of ice, carving what you’d love to see leave – into it, and leaving it on a warm spring morning in the sun is a very, very simple ritual that has worked with profound success.

Keeping a chunk of ice or snow that is the last for the year is a surefire way to prevent bad luck, poverty, and for some – writer’s block. Ice is also the great preserver – holding tissue, bone, and in essence time itself locked… Ice is also the night to the fiery day. Pluto anyone?

In our modern day, ever notice how you prefer the iced treats in the summer, and steaming ones in the winter? Perhaps an instinctual counterbalance many hadn’t considered? I have learned from my wasp familiars – if the nests are low, the winter will be mild. If they’re high – wild, harsh winter is nigh.

Water is prevalent in many cultures, and hell – it’s important to life itself, and is the cause of many deaths. Water in sequence or moderation initiates life – too much is death and dissolution. It is a tricky component for workings – the two mix and create many things – and take in the therapeutic qualities of the thermal springs all over Europe and America – but it’s more than that for me.

Water, is the element of family for me. All sorts of diaspora coming together, dissolving in to a liquid conversation – that moment when you know what you’re saying is being absorbed despite how abstract it may be in wording. It was more than just dissolving my clay poppet into boiling water – it is the opening of one’s thoughts in a setting where we can boil, cool, steam, and brood.

I will post more later – I’m a bit tired after a 55hr work week.

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