Beautiful countryside, beautiful weather, snow giving way to budding new life…. It was beautiful to say the least. A quiet cabin away from anywhere, and the scent of new pines growing filled the air.

I gave reverence as the time draws to a close for the season of the dead – the Wild Hunts that occur over the winter, and the darkness. The air seemed lifted as I greeted the morning with a hang-over, left over stomach flu (DAMN that shit was nasty), and a smile. Hey, it’s a holiday – you expected me to do this… Sober? What kind of pagan would I be if I did not eat, drink, and make merry?

The large snow banks are melting into the river, and the animals are emerging with their young. I saw bear tracks near our cabin – fresh as yesterday. So, spring has officially arrived.

Seeing all the young animals, and even the older ones was wonderful, and inspiring. The large granite mountain sides filled me and the Hubs with a sense of peace that we just don’t get back on the high prairie. We sat still at night to listen to the geese, ducks, and owls that resounded in the night air, as well as leave little bits for the crows, magpies, and ravens that frequent this area.

Right here is the herd of deer that walked next to us as we left the gas station to head back to the cabin. They were so close, and so tame we both think we could’ve touched one but thought twice in doing so – best to appreciate nature when you can. These creatures are beautiful, and even though I hunt them when  I can, after my first hunt I don’t look at these animals the same; and the silent appreciation set in.

I had succeeded to a point in my ‘downsizing,’ and trying to be rid of so much shit that I use once a year… I think I’ve gotten a good footing. That image of the ‘now’ altar will have to wait – no time, and no camera battery power until at least tomorrow.

This altar is the one I took with me. My goal was ONE printer box, and if it didn’t fit – it didn’t go. It really gave me room for pause, and contemplation. This is the composite altar for all five of my Gods, in a portable, and movable ratio.

The fire was warm, comforting, and considering we roasted marshmallows while drinking blessed rum was gumption in and of itself. We could hear the fading sounds of Those who were leaving, and the fresh marks of those who were newly arriving to this world – the setting was perfect. I divined with the bones, and listened to their guidance.

I spoke to the Wasp, and the Mink about our dilemmas, and wrote down their messages. The artificer was sent to ‘shake some trees,’ for us, and I sent a prayer to the leaving Ancestors, and will try to be patient for their return.

All in all it was wonderful, healing, and powerful even in it’s simplicity. No internet, no people, no strife, no – nothing. We both wish we could live here, to stay.

With that, we headed back home:


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