Sacred Metals

You know, I haven’t even mentioned this yet. Holy sh…..

I work with a variety of metals, especially iron, steel, copper, and if I can get tin – bronze. I have a passionate love for this material, I love how it sings, how it sits, conducts, and even expresses itself in it’s own way. If properly created, that knife of yours could very well be born with a spirit all its own. Granted, time spent with it will do it also – just saying.

However, did you know that modern metals such as Aluminum can be potent in ritual as well? Hey, it’s the era we live in – Bronze was considered new at one point, so was copper, iron, steel, etc. Why are the modern alloys any different?

Aluminum – This metal in my experience holds on to the ‘fingerprint’ of the former bearer, or immediate surroundings superbly well. I use this metal in many wards, and also part of fetishes that will alert me.

Copper – a very, very old metal, and probably the first one forged from broken malachite veins. This metal is my most beloved, I love how workable, and ancient its history is. Copper is often referred to in many cultures as ‘bear’s gold,’ in cultures that still honor the Bear Hunt. For me, this metal is sacred to my Mother Arta. I do use this metal in many Underworld workings.

Brass – for me, this is the ‘false gold,’ that is stronger than gold typically, and malleable into many forms and molds – I love using this for hilts, fittings, rivets, specific nails, statues, as well as some jewelry. Trouble is, it turns some peoples’ skin green, others it doesn’t. For ritual, I once had a brass blade I used to collecting herbs in September (I don’t collect on Midsummer, as our seasons show that many herbs and plants are still too young to safely harvest) as well as defensive wards, fetishes, as well as making that which is to draw good in a variety of forms, and turn away evils.

Gold – I use this primarily in jewelry due to it’s cost, but I build different forms that aid in fortitude, protection, empowering one’s will, as well as a symbol of abundance and wealth. Many associate this metal with the sun, and to each their own. For me, this is a ‘daytime,’ metal, as well as ‘dawn.’ This metal for me is sacred to Karnona, and I use it often (when I can, anyway) for Middle World working.

Iron – You know, I have worked so many times with this metal, and I have not suffered any ill effects in any of my spirit work. Maybe I’m just weird… I dunno. Anyway, this metal for me is the ‘house” for many uses – such as making cauldrons, pots, and even some want iron chalices or cups.  I had an ‘iron maiden‘ (a female figure cast out of left-over iron, measuring a very portable three inches) it for years that aided me in making hard decisions. Iron filings are what I’ve used for some fertility rituals, as well as focusing, balancing, and ‘working the gears‘ of inner power.

Lead – I use this to slow, or stop that which is unwanted, from theft, to arguments, to even one instance of bad traffic where I lived after three kids got hit on a crosswalk. This metal is not healthy next to the skin so I use it principally to bind.

Steel – Ah, I love this metal. It has so many uses, and so many properties I will only list a few. This metal is very magnetic, so using it for knives, jewelry, and that which you want to ‘hold‘ it’s charge makes steel ideal (I rhymed…).  This metal is ideal also for utility due to it’s strength, all steel is – is carbon added to iron. Steel is what built many nations, and now that it’s being abused, is what’s killing us slowly. Steel is wonderful if moderated.

Bronze – this is the metal I refer to as the ‘twilight,’ metal. It is neither gold nor silver colored; as well as being a ‘lucky,’ metal in my beliefs. This is a very protective, and reflective metal that I have seen used in cases to deflect the evil eye. In a concave mirror, it does help one focus.

Silver – many associate this with the moon – and, like I said about gold: To each their own. This is a weather metal for me, that silver lining in the clouds before, during, and after a storm. It is the silver droplets that shower us every May here, and so forth. This is a metal of rhythms, intuition, higher learning, and one’s personal will. This metal I hold as sacred to Etno, and use in Upper World workings. I use this metal primarily as jewelry as well, however since I have come to know many who aren’t wanting their old silver jewelry, I might be able to make larger items soon – I want to create my own weather station, with silver accents and fittings. Here’s hoping?

I do not include Tin, because I don’t work with it often anymore, hence I don’t have much to say about it. It’s hard to get out here. Mercury for me is a liquid that is in my thermometer…

I hope this has been helpful – metal working from a metalworker.

(Also – those who saw my horrible, fuzzy, blurry monstrosity of a photo on ‘Fuck Yea Altars,’ all I can do is hang my head. Amongst the many things I can’t do, taking one damned simple photo is apparently one of them. )

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2 thoughts on “Sacred Metals

  1. Very interesting and informative (the spiritual uses of metals is terra icognita to me). Thanks for sharing ;).

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