I work in a world that is half in this one, half in the other. I do believe in a ‘kith’ animal – the animal side of us all. But this is not a totem.

I am a bear person – true, I am daughter of a Bear Goddess – but I also know of a robin kith, and a dragonfly kith that have been called to the Bear Goddess. The difference between the two in my tradition is that the kith is ourselves manifested in animal form – retaining the ‘primal’ parts of us, and our innate quirks that make us unique as a person.

A totem is something I cannot have, well – not that I’m aware of. Totems have a long history within families, clans, and tribes. A totem should only be called on in life or death situations I’m told, but even then – The Gods will step in instead if the Ancestors don’t do it first. But all is not lost for me –

The ‘totem,’ of my Ancestry is the bee, long in the family heraldry. Being a bear – I know I should be surprised…. But I just chuckle at all the interconnectedness.

But I do believe in spiritual familiars, of which you cannot buy at a store – but rather – they pick YOU. You don’t get a choice in whether they are a majestic animal or not – you don’t get to have a say in what will respond to you and what won’t. Well, not in the beginning, anyway. Once you have a good grounding and venture further, you may persuade or ally yourself to more spirits. It’s kinda the way of things.

I work with an Artificer, who eats tar and has… A rather strong umm… ‘Drive,’ if you will. I met him when I was six, and he scared the SHITS out of me for so many years. Frankly, I didn’t know whether to fear him, laugh, hide from him, or to talk to him. I was 14 when I began just… Talking to the creature. Yes, I began at 11, YES – it took me YEARS to work up the courage. Fuck you, if you don’t like this. I’m human.

I also work with a wasp spirit – those little bastards that would ‘ride’ my shoulder but not sting me (sure, and scare the shit out of me), hover in front of my nose and then fly off as if it listened to me, as well as building nests in the door frame of my FRONT DOOR. Oh, and don’t forget the nest that was build IN MY CAR, above my work area, as well as beneath my front door’s stairs!

Holy shit – wasps? Really? But yes – a wasp spirit. Apparent it’s been trying for years and I’ve been… A bit hard to ‘receive reception,’ for that time.The other one is the mink. Yep, a weasel essentially. I got bit by one that the keeper said was a ‘love bite,’ sure… Breaking the skin and licking the blood off my wrist is love…

But, it didn’t change the alignment. So there you have it – I have an iron-based tar eater, a wasp, and a mink. WHEW – I know, hold your excitement.

But, I am thankful for their presences – even if I can’t figure out why I have this combination. They’ve helped me, spoken to me when I was lonely or afraid, gave me advice and helped me see that which most others don’t. It may seem random – but hey, randomcardrolodex thanks you.

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4 thoughts on “Animals??

  1. Very interesting information!Perfect just what I was searching for!

  2. I like this website so much, saved to my bookmarks. “Respect for the fragility and importance of an individual life is still the mark of an educated man.” by Norman Cousins.

    • Thanks! I didn’t think anyone got to my little digital boonies, out in the boonies… Thank you for visiting :).

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