The Fairy/Faery

It’s been a minute since I last blogged. It’s been hell lately, and health issues have gotten in the way of BLINKING.

But I feel ok at the moment, and I thought I’d blog for my two readers.

I’m elbow deep into my second book on the Antlered Goddess, and if Ric would be willing to read it I’d be very honored… Here’s hoping.

This blog is about the current chapter I’m writing. It’s about the “Good Neighbors.” I have been thoroughly shocked with what passes for “Faery Working.” Glitter? Really?

As is the belief that all the ‘fae,’ are no more than three inches tall. Damned Victorians for depicting them this way!

I have seen some of the ‘Good Neighbors.’ Most are taller than me, some are shorter but most of them are powerful beings you don’t want to piss off. Add in the belief I hold that many were once humans but stayed too long in the Otherworld and changed.. You have a mix that can really fuck your shit up.

The Good Neighbors have been with us, part of our lives, and so many people never know it. They never see the spirit that moves their keys, or why their car didn’t work one morning, but it did the next because they left milk outside the night before for the ‘cats’ of the neighborhood. I used to wonder why, but after all the social conditioning, we’ve begun to deny magic in our lives.

I think this is a great loss. So many miracles in one day happen, and we never take any time to look and be thankful. Even the tiniest blessing goes by unnoticed. Even I am not immune to this, but I’m working on getting better at this.

I think this is something, that ‘something’ many hippies yearn for, and why they don dreadlocks and  belly-dancer costumes. Maybe, I dunno. I’m trying to understand, but it ain’t easy.

Just look at your day today. What has worked out well? What went through without a hitch? How did you make it without being late? If you were late, maybe you missed an accident or other calamity that might have happened? How do you feel now, reflected on how you felt this morning? The smallest things make big shadows, is my ending thought.

Just a thought. Gute Nacht.

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