The Antlered Goddess

So I’m striving to continue research for my Goddess Karnona.

Karnona is a de-latinization of Karnuntina; a Gallo-Roman title associating her with Fortuna and Nemesis. Considering most of the sculptures and ‘altars,’ were commissioned by the wealthy I do wonder what other ‘local‘ names She may have had. The two associations make sense to me, as I know of Karnona as a Goddess of Fate, and it is She who delivers the justice. Not a Goddess to work with idly.

I have found evidence of the Deer Cult from the Antlered Elk Mother, to Reindeer, and a few brief references of the Antlered-Red Deer Hag/Sorceress/Witch. The problem is, this is after six years of constant looking.

The predominant theme is Karnona and other Antlered Goddesses are associated with the sun (though I think of it as more ‘daylight’ and ‘summer,’ than the burning fireball in the sky.. But that’s just my belief). The others is Fate, Creation (not necessarily birth in some cases) and the constellation Orion, Ursa Major/Minor, and another one I can’t think of off the top of my head.

Something I’ve noticed is the disdain for these mighty Goddesses. A raised nose and snubbing… To say the least. These aren’t ‘transgendered‘ Goddesses – but living symbols of powerful femininity. The antlers represent different things esoterically – some of which are wisdom, power, fertility, and the supernatural. In Continental Celtic terms, add the Hollow Hills on which the Otherworldly host resides, and an almost Cthonic genre to the mix. Potent, to say the least.

I also KNOW I’m not the only one who’s felt Her either. There were many Antlered Ancestresses, and each has touched many in this modern world.

So, I sit here and stare at my computer screen wondering – where do I keep looking?

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6 thoughts on “The Antlered Goddess

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  2. This is a fictional reference, but in Charles de Lint’s book Yarrow one of the characters is an antlered female being. This story is dark and edgy in some ways but deep and mythic. I thought I might mention it even though it probably isn’t precisely what you’re looking for.

  3. Randi

    I am looking for the name of my Goddess and stumbled upon this post. I also found this one
    I did a basic google search of “Antlered Goddess”
    My Goddess has long black flowing hair, she wore a Ivy wreath upon her head and also a Ivy sachet? like what the beauty pageant winners wear… “Miss Teen USA” or whatever, but the Goddess’ was made of Ivy. She also had antlers and wore a white Dress

    • Sounds related to Karnona – though I’ve seen holly with Her. Hmm.. I hadn’t thought of ivy…

  4. leawicce

    Hi Anne,

    I’d like to leave a sign of my transit because your work is precious.
    In your book on Karnona there’s a picture which is exactly like the one I had in a kind of twilight vision.
    Here’s is my own post. My personal quest is just at the beginning.

    Many thanks,


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