The Antlered Goddess

6 thoughts on “The Antlered Goddess”

  1. This is a fictional reference, but in Charles de Lint’s book Yarrow one of the characters is an antlered female being. This story is dark and edgy in some ways but deep and mythic. I thought I might mention it even though it probably isn’t precisely what you’re looking for.

  2. I am looking for the name of my Goddess and stumbled upon this post. I also found this one
    I did a basic google search of “Antlered Goddess”
    My Goddess has long black flowing hair, she wore a Ivy wreath upon her head and also a Ivy sachet? like what the beauty pageant winners wear… “Miss Teen USA” or whatever, but the Goddess’ was made of Ivy. She also had antlers and wore a white Dress

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