Introductions are in order…

5 thoughts on “Introductions are in order…”

  1. could be that the northern hemisphere god and goddess 5-10 thousand years ago were bear and reindeer respectively, they could shift gender because of mythic androgyny so bear goddesses and stag gods were cool

      1. *face palm* Sorry… Kinda a hectic week. I do think culturally that the genders were changed, I.E. from a matriarchy/ patriarchy to the opposite. However, that is my speculation. Until I can find more information on the Continental Deer cult, I’ll have to leave it as gnosis.

      2. well it’s pretty straightforward in a way, like mates with like … also progeny can swop attributes, a sun goddess can birth a son god, that happens too; but if you study the arctic peoples who have retained a great deal of the old hunter-gatherer world view you can pick up on what our northern hemisphere ancestors thought about before the advent of agriculture, and the invention of metallurgy, which changed everything – mythology i mean – gives us what we have today. But maybe there’s a change in the air, no reason why women can’t work metal ~ Athena-Minerva may have had smithcraft as an attribute after all! 🙂

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