Follow the Arrows

The Gods and spirits point the way, many times in one’s life. In our modern times, most view this as a curio, a ‘someday,’ or some just don’t have any real fathom on how to make it work. . Don’t just drop everything and run. Plan. Cast the bones, lay the tarot, etc. In my … Continue reading Follow the Arrows


Been at the forge, getting things furthered along. An understandably anxious client is waiting on a package, which took up my morning. I had forgotten how difficult cardboard origami actually is. I won the argument in the end. I finished the altar stange, and it will be in the shop tomorrow. Now that I have … Continue reading Working


Traditional blackening, part of the reason I am a blacksmith, is the use of beeswax. I don’t use the usable wax, but the left over beeswax the insects themselves can’t use. Bees, and their beloved products are sacred to The Bear Mother, and also to Daughter of the Bear. I smell wonderful, my house smells … Continue reading Blackening

Portable Stang

I am building a set, for an altar top, or portable stange set. I will be making the metal stand this week.  It isn’t done yet, still carving the ‘hoof,’ and I’ll put a shoe on it as well. Has a permanently imbedded candle holder. Continue reading Portable Stang