Preparing for Rauhnact

The tides of winter howl, and we prepare for the up and coming Rauhnact. It is a few days before the visit of Belsnickel, and depending on where you go the story has slight regional variations. A fellow in skins, and rough clothing visits the local houses, ensuring we have been good folk before the … Continue reading Preparing for Rauhnact


It was my first feast non-solo. Steaks were cooked over a fire, and the table was beset with The Ploughman’s horns, of course joined by The Smithy. It is the time the The Ploughman finally ceases his toil, and begins his winter activities. It is a feast eaten in utter silence, for The Ploughman’s work, … Continue reading Geistfest

Hearth and Home

It has been a busy month for us. The Blonde Dude and I went to visit family, and to propose. I honestly wasn’t expecting that. But! It happened. It’s now a thing. From those lands we brought back a Hearthstone. The Hearthstone is an important symbol in my tradition. In ritual one can stand on … Continue reading Hearth and Home