Down to Earth

In my own practice, there is a different approach to ritual work. There is a vastly different method of turning where you are into ‘nowhere, but here.’ There are no watchtowers, castles, or even elementals. There you are, with what tools, ritual objects, the stange, and whatever spirits you bring with you. There are a … Continue reading Down to Earth

On Spirits

There comes a time, working with spirits that inhabit the same house as you, where they point out the obvious. This was my time, on this go-round. “I talk too much about the Gods, and not enough about the Ancestors, and the spirits themselves.“ I sat for two nights thinking on this, because sometimes we … Continue reading On Spirits

New Additions

An old brass dual wick oil lamp in need of repairs, a bovine hip, and a new deer skull. Here they will be until they are settled. It’s difficult to explain, but I hope other bone workers can understand. I inherited several sheepskins from the family, and they will be loved here. Continue reading New Additions

Die Biene- The Bee

The bee, ‘die biene,’ does feature within my tiny tradition, tucked away in the boonies of my region, and the internet. They are the tenders to the natural order, and it is the bees that keep things ‘ticking,’ with the flora. Another worker with the natural order is the Ant. For us, bees work in … Continue reading Die Biene- The Bee


This is a minor night for us, an observation and activity usually. Hexennacht is commonly translated to ‘witches’ night.’ For some of us Germans, we’re odd with that holiday. It’s our type of ‘Halloween,’ even though with the pervasive practice of Wicca making its way there with its autumn themed day as well. However, here … Continue reading Hexennacht


The ‘house sign,’ or house symbol, which will be engraved with personal sigils of our house, initials of those of our house, and will be kept as an heirloom. Well, that is the hope, anyway. Everything has deep significance for us, even down to the worn draft shoe. Yes, the thrown shoe is huge. The … Continue reading Hūszeihhan