A Photo

Well, that’s it for the Seelen Perlen/ Ritual Beads. These will conclude it, and if there is any interest it can always be arranged. Two forged devotional pieces, one spearhead and one arrowhead. I hope they find their new bearers soon. Continue reading A Photo


So it’s been a pretty busy time of misrule. We set up the ceppo, slow roasted a huge leg of pig as a symbolic boar, and enjoyed the festivities while the noisy Charivari roared outside. With new mysterious tracks in the winding snow it added to the mystique of the season. The smithy kept watch … Continue reading Rauhnächt

Rough Night’s Moon

Been watching the snow fall outside, offering dark tea, and sharing his cup as a ritual and offering. His shrine is functional, and this moon is the first full moon ritual done at his proper altar. I was gifted with calligraphy brushes, and powdered ingredients for ink. I just need to get my hands on … Continue reading Rough Night’s Moon

Gearing Up…

Well, here goes for this holiday shopping season. I hope I do well, at least okay. I’ll keep adding to the store. Instead of going fallow this season, I think at this point I’ll let it stand still during the solstice, but then keep at it afterward. I melted one crozier, so there will be … Continue reading Gearing Up…