Hearth and Home

It has been a busy month for us. The Blonde Dude and I went to visit family, and to propose. I honestly wasn’t expecting that. But! It happened. It’s now a thing. From those lands we brought back a Hearthstone. The Hearthstone is an important symbol in my tradition. In ritual one can stand on … Continue reading Hearth and Home

Bone Council

Held a bone council once again, as there was a need. All the vessels were gathered, and in the silence my new Lyre was played with the goat-skin drum. Chants, and songs were sung to the White Fruits that are not mute.  Many good omens occured, and The Smithy’s will be done. Good tidings, all … Continue reading Bone Council


It is a minor holiday (August. 20), no gift giving but a decent meal held with familial celebrations. This eve marks the birth of the Twins in my tradition, born of the Bear Mother. Stories, movies, anecdotes, and if possible an actual equestrian ride take up the day. One of a few times a year … Continue reading Ferdtide