The Red Moon

August is a unique moon for our house, as it is also the dispute moon. It is a formal time to express any grievances, upsets, or just vent frustrations in a room without judgement. To, ‘clear the air,’ so to speak. Most starting out usually don’t have many of those, but I firmly believe it … Continue reading The Red Moon

Some Outdoor Time

With straw hat and SPF 110… So I am out and about, clearing weeds, and moving other plants that are considered weeds but aren’t. Such as Plantain, for instance. My Borage is blossoming beautifully, and it was wonderful to see the bees enjoying the blooms as well. I think the leaves are tasty, with a … Continue reading Some Outdoor Time

Ancestor Work

I hate to say it, but it’s all too true. Our Ancestors may not have our best interests in mind. Some of our relatives were, or still are, vicious, abusive, and cruel. Appeasing them may work for some, but there does exist those who only need a small opportunity, or access to your life. To … Continue reading Ancestor Work


This time of year is when many new bundles are made, and old ones are burnt as opfar/offerings, with milk. At sunrise, collect at least three types of yellow flower, and carry them home on a red cloth. Then turn that red cloth into a new bundle, this one is for luck. Good luck to … Continue reading Bundles