Goose Moon

That’s just a local name I give this moon, because as soon as the moon went full overhead: the baying of hundreds of geese sounded. My chants were drowned out by their noise, and so this out of sync moon was certainly noteworthy. It isn’t the official moon of the month, and with that our … Continue reading Goose Moon

The End of August

Ferdtide was a quiet evening. It is the ‘nativity,’ of the Twins, the Ploughman and the Smithy. We appreciated the equestrian area that we live in, and enjoyed watching this year’s team pulls online. Magnificent beasts! I have new horseshoe items that are moving along. Been reading Miranda Green’s “Symbol & Image in Celtic Religious … Continue reading The End of August

Further On Spirits

Just some further thoughts on this: Spirits, in my experience, don’t often take the form we expect. There are handed trees, swimming rocks, cats with goat horns, the antlered/winged wolpertinger, and then some. Winged bulls, frog-eyed bi-pedal creatures, and wild folk that are hollow wood on their backside. I have met geometric-ish shaped spirits, faces … Continue reading Further On Spirits

Day Ritual

Yes, ritual can be done by daylight. Trance can be conducted while the Madam’s forge is burning. I refer to this as ‘day-walking,’ and I don’t think I’m the only one. Day ritual, daylight trance, etc. My ritual was simple, and the tiny muntjac skull is now standing in for a vessel for the genius … Continue reading Day Ritual